Wallpapering on Canvas over shiplap walls and ceilings

Yes you can

Hausmann Walls is one of the few companies offering the old Canvas over shiplap Wallpaper installation. We added some modern twists and materials to make this process last for many decades 

How is this possible?

Long before sheetrock was available and the most common raw material was cotton, many of the old homes had cotton stretched over the wooden boards and wallpaper was installed over the cotton canvas by overlapping the seams.  In the many decades, we have been doing this type of restoration, we have refined this technique allowing us to butt join the modern wallpapers that can not be overlapped.

How does this compare cost wise with having sheetrock installed on my walls

One thing to be aware of is that old houses do not seem to like the rigidness of sheetrock and tend to develop cracks over windows and doors adding to the cost by repeated maintenance. Besides that the cost of sheetrocking, tape and floating and finish out, often compares to the cost of recanvasing. The unknown factor of course is the cost of the wallcovering.

Bringing back the stars

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